Photo History of the Delaware Memorial Bridge

Ironically, the success of the original span pointed to near-term problems. Traffic was rapidly approaching the capacity of the bridge.

A bi-state compact in 1962 leading to the creation of The Delaware River and Bay Authority reassigned responsibility for the bridge and gave both states an equal say in the discussion about a second bridge.




Not everyone agreed that the new bridge should parallel the first span. There were serious discussions about constructing a second bridge well to the south; however, the cost of building roads to a far-removed bridge was prohibitive.

With Congress' creation of a 90-10 cost sharing agreement on designated Interstate highways, new connector road construction costs came within reach of the two states.

After New Jersey agreed to build interchanges with the bridge for the Turnpike, as well as for US Highway 130 and a new section of I-295, plans for a parallel twin span moved ahead.


Although the technology had changed in the years between the constructions of the spans, workers still needed to spin the cables to make a suspension bridge possible. This photo was taken in July 1968 and shows workers on the cables. In the background, traffic on the original span passes.
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