Photo History of the Delaware Memorial Bridge
The bridge foundation on the Delaware side was a caisson 95 feet by 221 feet. The actual steel structure had been made in a New Jersey shipyard and towed downriver in November 1949. The caisson was lowered into position and sealed with concrete. The concrete pour—27,000 cubic yards—lasted for a full week; the largest continuous pour up to that time. The New Jersey anchorage was a 99 foot by 225 foot cofferdam.



Building the underwater footings... Barges and cranes signal the beginnings of the construction of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. The barges removed the sand to make way for the footings and then brought in the huge amounts of concrete neccessary for the underwater pourings.



Bridge rising... This photograph was taken in November 1950. It shows work undertaken by the American Bridge Company, Contract #6. This is the New Jersey approach, showing construction completed to the anchorage.
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