DRBA Internship Program


Delaware River and Bay Authority

2018 Summer Internship Program


The Delaware River and Bay Authority (Authority) summer internship program provides university and college students with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a professional work environment. Our program is comprised of hands-on experience, leadership development, exposure to senior leaders and cross-functional team experiences.

We are excited to welcome fully engaged candidates who eagerly take advantage of opportunities that will further career and personal development.   

As an intern, you will be assigned to a specific team with hands-on assignments and specific projects. Your internship with the Authority will allow you to build your skills, increase your career insight and have an enjoyable work experience. You will be able to network and market yourself for potential future positions inside and outside of the Authority.

This is a terrific opportunity to receive real world work experience and to gain a greater understanding of prospective career paths. The door is open to you to develop new levels of understanding, knowledge and skills.  Internships are available in the following areas.


Human Resources - DE

Human Resources - NJ

Executive Director





Food Service Intern




Applicants must apply on-line at www.drba.net .  The internship program will have flexible work hours based on student availability.  Undergraduate students will be paid $12 an hour and graduate students will be paid $14 an hour.