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Motorist Advisory #2: Commercial Traffic Banned on Delaware Memorial Bridge
By JSalmon on 10/29/2012:  


Motorist Advisory #2: Commercial Traffic Banned on Delaware Memorial Bridge
(New Castle, DE) Due to sustained winds in excess of 40 mph associated with Hurricane Sandy, the Delaware Memorial Bridge has banned tractor-trailer, motorcycles, campers, buses and all vehicles prone to instability at high winds as of 4:30 p.m. this evening.
Passenger cars will be able to continue crossing the bridges until changing weather conditions require further traffic restrictions.
The Authority will continue to closely monitor the flow of traffic across the bridge. Depending on bridge conditions, additional restrictions may be implemented. The potential of a full bridge closure may occur if sustained winds exceed 50 mph.
The Delaware River and Bay Authority (DRBA) will make every effort to keep its bridge facility open as long as conditions are deemed safe to do so. 
DRBA officials strongly advise that motorists avoid any unnecessary travel today and tonight. Travelers are urged to call the Delaware Memorial Bridge at 302.571.6368 for current information about traffic conditions or follow us on Twitter @demembridge.