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DRBA Police Target Aggressive Drivers at the Delaware Memorial Bridge;Directed Patrols Designed to Promote Highway, Bridge Safety
By JSalmon on 07/09/2015:  

 DRBA Police Target Aggressive Drivers at the Delaware Memorial Bridge
Directed Patrols Designed to Promote Highway, Bridge Safety

(New Castle, DE) – Today, Delaware River and Bay Authority (DRBA) police officials announced that additional patrol units will be assigned to the approaches of the northbound and southbound spans of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. The campaign, which is expected to begin next week, seeks to reduce aggressive driving on the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Aggressive driving includes speeding, tailgating, and unsafe lane changes.

“The safety of the traveling public, on-site highway contractors, and our employees is the agency’s highest priority,” said Colonel Richard Arroyo, police administrator for the DRBA. “Aggressive driving is a leading cause of accidents and motor vehicle fatalities on the highways. This pro-active operation is designed to reduce instances of aggressive driving and enhance safety on the Delaware Memorial Bridge and its approaches.”

This initiative will position additional police units and patrols to monitor the area for unsafe driving behavior. Directed patrols are designed to reduce the number of aggressive driving situations on the road before the potential for injury or damage ensues.

Arroyo noted that the posted speed on the Delaware Memorial Bridge is 50 mph and is 20 mph on the approach to the southbound toll plaza. DRBA police units will be operating radar and patrolling the spans of the Delaware Memorial Bridge in unmarked vehicles. Traffic citations will be issued to drivers who operate a motor vehicle in an unsafe manner.

In April 2015, Blastech Enterprises, Inc. of Baltimore, MD, began the tower painting project on both spans of the Delaware Memorial Bridge (DMB 13-05). As a result, continual lane closures have been required to facilitate this work. In addition, a number of additional projects on the Delaware Memorial Bridge will commence over the next several months, including bridge deck resurfacing and miscellaneous steel repairs.

Arroyo added that the Twin Spans do not have shoulders and lanes are frequently closed due to construction. “It is imperative that drivers pay close attention to lane closures on the Bridge,” Arroyo remarked. “We will not tolerate motorists who disregard the red X and drive in that lane.”

In an effort to balance customer convenience with the need to get work done while weather permits, the Authority intends to suspend construction projects and open all traffic lanes of the Twin Spans during major holiday weekends this summer and fall as well as the Papal visit to the region in September.

About the Delaware River and Bay Authority
The DRBA, a bi-state governmental agency created by Compact in 1962, owns and operates the Delaware Memorial Bridge, the Cape May- Lewes Ferry, and the Forts Ferry Crossing. The DRBA also manages corporate and aviation properties through its economic development powers - two airports in New Jersey (Millville Airport and Cape May Airport) and three in Delaware (New Castle Airport, Civil Air Terminal and Delaware Airpark). All DRBA operating revenues are generated through the bridge, ferry and airport facilities. For more information, visit

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