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DRBA Commission Approves Modified New Toll Schedule for Delaware Memorial Bridge
By JSalmon on 02/20/2019:  

 DRBA Commission Approves Modified New Toll Schedule for Delaware Memorial Bridge
Tolls to Increase for All Classifications Effective May 1, 2019

New Castle, Del. – Today, the Delaware River and Bay Authority (DRBA) Commission approved a revised version of the Delaware Memorial Bridge toll schedule at the bi-state agency’s monthly meeting. The toll increase is expected to generate about $32 million in additional annual revenue to fund the agency’s five year $399 million Capital Improvement Program. 

This modified proposal includes the following changes to the original one passed in December: 
  • EZ-Pass discount for passenger car/small truck “home agency” users (NJ EZ-Pass or DelDOT account holders) of 25 cents off the $5 toll rate.
  • Frequent Traveler discount rate increases from $1.25 to $1.75.  On 1/1/2021, the rate increases to $2.25. Frequent Traveler program is 20 trips in 90 calendar days.
  • Delaware River and Bay Authority (DRBA) Five Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is amended from $423M to $399M.
  • Implementation date deferred for two months from March 1 to May 1, 2019.  

Toll Rate Schedule
                                                             Current Toll                                         New Toll
Passenger Car, Small Truck                                               $4.00                                                  $5.00
Passenger Car, Small Truck (E-ZPass)1                                     N/A                                                  $4.75
Passenger Car w/ 1 Axle Trailer                                          $6.00                                                 $7.50
Passenger Car w/ 2 Axle Trailer                                          $8.00                                               $10.00
Passenger Car w/ 3 Axle Trailer                                        $10.00                                               $12.50
Passenger Cars Discount Traffic 
Commuters (22 trips in 30 days)                                         $1.00                                                 $1.25
Frequent Travelers                                                              $1.25                                                 $1.75
Commercial Vehicles
2 Axle, 6 Tire Vehicle                                                        $10.00                                                 $12.00
3 Axle Vehicle                                                                   $15.00                                                 $21.00
4 Axle Vehicle                                                                   $20.00                                                 $28.00
5 Axle Vehicle                                                                   $25.00                                                 $35.00
6 Axle Vehicle                                                                   $30.00                                                 $42.00
1 Available to N.J. E-ZPass and Delaware E-ZPass service center account holders only.
This revised toll schedule sets the rate for passenger cars and small trucks at $5.00 while commercial vehicles will pay $2.00 more per axle.   The agency’s discount programs, commuter and frequent traveler, will also be adjusted for just the second time in more than 30 years.   The last general toll increase took place on July 1, 2011.   Approximately 36 million vehicles annually travel across the Twin Spans.
One of the changes was the adoption of a preferred rate for New Jersey E-ZPass and Delaware E-ZPass service center account holders. “E-ZPass saves customers’ time, reduces auto emissions and enhances fuel efficiency,” said Executive Director Tom Cook. “We believe that establishing a preferred rate for the home agencies here will encourage Delaware Memorial Bridge customers who pay with cash to sign up for the program.” 
Two of the three adjustments made to the original toll rate proposal passed late last year remain in this revised proposal: a reduction in the two –axle commercial class rate, which includes most RVs and dual tire pick-up trucks, from $7 an axle to $6 and a change in the number of trips required for the commuter rate. The number of trips in a 30 day period for the commuter plan decreases from 25 to 22. 
The Delaware Memorial Bridge, which spans the Delaware River and connects two of the most heavily trafficked highway corridors in the Northeast, is the bi-state agency’s critical tolling asset and generates 75% of its operating revenue and 100% of net revenues. 
The following are some of the major capital projects planned at Delaware Memorial Bridge and Cape May – Lewes Ferry during the next several years:   Bridge Paint Removal and Recoating ($48.2); Suspension Rope Replacement ($24.5 million); Bridge Steelwork Repairs ($40.5 million); Pin and Link Rehabilitation on Both Structures of DMB ($19.7 million); Ship Collision Protection System ($45.2 million); Bridge Deck Repair ($21.5 million); Transfer Bridge Repairs at the Cape May – Lewes Ferry ($4.3 million); and Ferry Repowering Program ($9.5 million).  
About the Delaware River and Bay Authority
The DRBA, a bi-state governmental agency created by Compact in 1962, owns and operates the Delaware Memorial Bridge, the Cape May- Lewes Ferry, and the Forts Ferry Crossing. The DRBA also manages corporate and aviation properties through its economic development powers - two airports in New Jersey (Millville Airport and Cape May Airport) and three in Delaware (New Castle Airport, Civil Air Terminal and Delaware Airpark). All DRBA operating revenues are generated through the bridge, ferry and airport facilities. For more information, visit