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DRBA Endorses Goals of Infrastructure Week
By JSalmon on 05/13/2019:  

DRBA Endorses Goals of Infrastructure Week
Highlights Bi-State Agency Investment in Regional Transportation Facilities

NEW CASTLE, Del. – Today, Delaware River and Bay Authority (DRBA) officials announced its support for Infrastructure Week, which takes place May 13-20, 2019 by highlighting the bi-state agency’s 2019 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) along with an Authority-wide Five Year Strategic Plan for the agency’s airports and crossing facilities. The 2019 CIP of $104 million is comprised of $85 million in Authority resources and $19 million in federal funds. Infrastructure Week takes place May 13-20, 2019.

“The DRBA proudly supports the goals of Infrastructure week,” said Vincent Meconi, DRBA Chief Operations Officer. “A reliable infrastructure network is vital for a strong, robust economy. Millions of people rely on our family of transportation facilities to move goods and services, get to a family vacation or to commute to work every day. This CIP is an investment in our future.”

During Infrastructure Week, organizations and individuals around America – from local businesses, trade associations and chambers of commerce to mayors and individual citizens – host events, tour new and innovative projects, talk about infrastructure in national, local and social media, and show policymakers at all levels of government the breadth and diversity of support for long-term, sustainable infrastructure investment.

Led by a coalition of labor, business, policy organizations and joined by hundreds of affiliates nationwide, the seventh annual Infrastructure Week aims to send a unifying message to leaders in Washington and beyond: Let’s #BuildForTomorrow.

The DRBA Five Year Strategic Plan, which contains more than one hundred infrastructure projects at the Delaware Memorial Bridge (DMB), Cape May – Lewes Ferry (CMLF), and the agency’s five regional aviation facilities, is expected to cost nearly $400 million and includes the following major projects:

Pin & Link Replacement ‐ DMB: The pin and link assemblies that connect the suspended span trusses to the towers are showing signs of severe deterioration. Replacement of the pin and links with new state of the art sliding bearings on brackets will cost more than $20 million. This project has an estimated DRBA cost of $15.1 million in 2019 and $4.8 million in the out years.

Ship Collision Protection ‐ DMB: The current pier fendering system at the Delaware Memorial Bridge is original to each span. This project includes a risk assessment, investigation of modern ship collision protection systems, environmental impacts, design details and construction of the modern, state-of-the-art system. The DRBA has budgeted more than $45 million for the project, which will be partially funded by a U.S. Department of Transportation grant of $22.3 million.

Suspender Rope Replacements ‐ DMB: Several suspender ropes (vertical cables) and their connection brackets were found to show corrosion in the last annual inspection. Through this project, the corroded suspender ropes and brackets are removed and replaced with new ropes and brackets. Over past three years, 232 ropes have been replaced. It is expected that 320 suspension ropes and brackets will be replaced at an estimated cost of nearly $25 million over the next five years.

Bridge Steelwork Repairs ‐ DMB: Due to age, environmental factors, and traffic volumes, steelwork repairs are necessary on both Spans of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. These repairs are necessary to preserve the bridge's steelwork while maintaining safety and operational service levels. Work typically includes replacement of worn bearing assemblies, access platforms, maintenance of steel connections, installing new safety features, and other items. The Authority has budgeted more than $40 million to address steelwork and related repairs on the bridges.

Main Vessel Repowering ‐ CMLF: This project involves the replacement of the engines and reduction gears on three (3) vessels. The MV Delaware was repowered in 2016. Engines and reduction gears will be installed on the MV Cape Henlopen and MV New Jersey. This project has an estimated DRBA cost of nearly $10 million in future years and is partially funded in the amount of approximately $6.0 million by the Federal Transit Administration.

Sandman Blvd. Rehabilitation – Phase 2 ‐ CMLF: Roadway improvements are necessary for maintaining expected levels of service for the approach roads to the Cape May Terminal. This project proposes roadway configurations at the entrances to the terminal facilities. Phase II of this project includes improvements to the approach roads, as well as replacement of Cape May highway signage, which has reached the end of its useful life. Phase III of this project includes design and rehabilitation work on the terminal entrance, parking lot, and staging lanes. This project has an estimated DRBA cost of $7.1 million.

Transfer Bridge Replacements ‐ CMLF: The transfer loading bridges in Cape May and Lewes are in need of updates pertaining to the age of the structures, deteriorated concrete, and structurally deficient supports. This project incorporates the design and construction of new transfer bridges. This project has an estimated DRBA cost of $1.1 million in 2019 and $3.2 million in the out years.

Rehabilitate 1‐19 ‐ ILG: Runway 1‐19 pavement area is in need of rehabilitation based on FAA pavement life cycles and the State of Delaware’s pavement management study. This project programs for rehabilitation of the runway pavement, and any modifications to signage, markings, lighting or infrastructure which may be necessary. This project has an estimated DRBA cost of $75,000 in 2019 and $850,000 in the out years. The project is partially funded in the amount of approximately $8.3 million by the Federal Aviation Administration.

South Apron Expansion and Rehabilitation of North Apron – MIV: The project programs the design and construction of a new cargo apron in the vicinity of the intersection of Taxiways “B” and “E”. The project will expand the apron pavement to provide for more diverse aircraft operations. The North Apron will also be reconfigured and the rehabilitated near the corporate aviation complex. These projects are expected to cost nearly $5 million with the FAA partially funding the project in the estimated amount of $4.4 million.

Rehabilitate 10‐28 & Remove Taxiway – WWD: Results from the most recent pavement management study indicate the pavement on Runway 10‐28 is deteriorating and is in need of rehabilitation. Work will include pavement resurfacing, lighting, signage, and associated drainage improvements as well as the removal of an unnecessary connector taxiway. This project has an estimated DRBA cost of $22,000 in 2019 and $600,000 in the out years. The project is partially funded in the amount of approximately $5.6 million by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The entire planning document can be viewed on the Authority’s website,

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