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MOTORIST ADVISORY - Tractor Trailer Accident on I295SB at Route 13; Ramp and Right Lane Remain Closed
By JSalmon on 12/04/2016: 0 Comments  

At approximately 2:00A this morning, a tractor-trailer crashed into the traffic protection system and associated guardrails at the I-295 S/B ramp to U.S. Route 13. The tractor-trailer's fuel tanks ruptured, spilling diesel fuel on the highway.  DRBA police, area fire departments, Delaware Department of Natural Resources (DNREC) and DRBA maintenance responded to the scene.  

The fuel spill was contained and cleaned up by Guardian Environmental and the accident scene was cleared at approximately 5:00A.  The accident remains under investigation.

Due to the signficant damage to the traffic protection system, the I295 S/B ramp to U.S. Route 13 remains closed. The right lane on I-295 S/B is also closed.  The Authority's contractor, Mumford and Miller, is on the scene to repair the traffic protection system in construction zone. Repairs will be take several hour and traffic delays are expected until they are completed.  

Motorists may want to detour by taking the exit onto Route 9 N/B just pass the Delaware Memorial Bridge Toll Plaza and travel to the on-ramps for I-495. For updates, please follow us on twitter @demembridge.