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UPDATE: State Route 141/I-95 Interchange Project
By JSalmon on 12/18/2017: 0 Comments  

DelDOT's contractor, Mumford & Miller Inc., continues to widen the roadway on SR141 southbound and northbound on the closed side of the roadway. They are constructing foundations and building piers and abutments for the new SR 141 northbound bridge. The contractor has begun constructing the concrete deck on SR 141 southbound. They are constructing the Exit 5 ramp from I295 northbound to SR141 northbound. They are working on installing utility infrastructure through the SR141 and I95 northbound corridor.


Motorists should expect traffic on SR141 southbound and northbound to be reduced to one lane in the construction area during the hours of 9A to 3P, Monday thru Friday.

Ramp Exit 5B (NB I-295 to NB SR141/Newport) remains closed until December 2017. Motorists traveling to northbound SR141/Newport should use Exit 5.

Mumford and Miller Inc., will be shifting the I-295 northbound traffic to I-95 northbound on Tuesday, December 19, 2017, from 2A to 5A.