Canine Teams

The Department entered into an agreement with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) / Transportation Security Administration (TSA) / National Explosives Detection Canine Team Program (NEDCTP) to acquire explosive detection canine teams.

The NEDCTP consists of police officers who are required to attend a 10 week training session provided by TSA. The canine teams assigned to the DRBAPD are required to complete daily training and a yearly evaluation to ensure the canine’s TSA/NEDCTP certification.

The NEDCTP exists to deter and detect the introduction of explosive devices into the transportation system. In addition, bomb threats cause disruption of air, land and sea commerce, and pose an unacceptable danger to the traveling public and should be resolved quickly. Explosives Detection Canine Teams are a proven reliable resource to detect explosives and are a key component in a balanced counter-sabotage program.

The use of highly trained Explosives Detection Canine Teams is also a proven deterrent to terrorism directed towards transportation systems and provides a timely and mobile response support to our facilities. 

Criminal Investigation

The department requires all members to investigate reported incidents to the fullest extent possible and permits its members considerable investigatory discretion, depending on their ability and expertise. Cases requiring specialized skills, knowledge, or abilities shall be assigned to members possessing these attributes. Decisions involving the extent of a follow-up investigation or the suspension of investigative efforts shall be made at the management level. The purpose of this requirement is to ensure the most effective, yet efficient, investigative operation possible. For this reason, the Professional Standards Officer shall be held strictly responsible for case management.
Court Liasion
The primary responsibility of the Court Liaison Officer is to act as the department’s liaison with the Delaware Superior Court, Court of Common Pleas, Grand Jury, Family Court and, the Delaware Attorney General’s Office, Delaware Justice of the Peace Courts, Salem County Prosecutors Office, and Pennsville, NJ Court.