Acrophobia Support


Acrophobia Escorts
Since the opening of the Delaware Memorial Bridge in 1951, travelers suffering from acrophobia have been unable to drive across the Bridge. To aid motorists who suffer from acrophobia, a decision was made to provide an escort service, whereby police personnel would meet the customer at the bridge approach, and drive their vehicle over the bridge. 
Customers requesting an escort may contact the police communications center by calling (302) 571-6342 and pressing #1 for the police communications center or #3722 from their cellular phone. Please note that you should pull your vehicle off of the highway, well onto the shoulder to avoid being struck by passing vehicles to notify and await the arrival of the police.
Once the dispatcher receives the call, the request for an escort will be dispatched to the first available officer. We will do our best to get to you as quickly as possible; however, it may take a few minutes before an officer is able to respond.  Once the officer arrives, he or she will present you with a liability release that must sign before the officer is permitted to drive the vehicle across the Bridge.  Once cross the Bridge, the vehicle is maneuvered off of the highway to a safe location and the escort officer exits the vehicle.  A second patrol officer will transport the assisting officer back to his/her patrol vehicle. On occasion, the departments’ Public Service Aides (non-sworn employees) have been used to provide the escort.
This escort service was unofficially implemented in the late 1960s. Each year our officers respond to approximately 450 requests for escorts. This escort service is part of the department’s history and continues today.